Welcoming Tetiana Chervonna as Senior Media Consultant

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Feb 17, 2023 | Philippe Dominois

Welcoming Tetiana Chervonna as Senior Media Consultant

Today we are happy to welcome Tetiana to Abintus as Senior Media Consultant.

For the last 15+ years, Tetiana, as a partner of Kwendi Media and Marketing Consultancy, has been involved in marketing projects for leading Ukrainian media.

Her professional interest was focused on the TV market: from analyzing TV viewing and audience needs to developing marketing and communication strategies.

She also has strong experience in the advertising market. She worked for 5 years in media agencies and progressed from Media Planner to Media Account Director working with her clients collaboratively and making media campaigns successful.

Therefore, Tetiana has a good understanding of the working processes in the media agency and appreciates how important it is for an advertiser’s business to have a high level of agency service and expertise.


“I like to see excellent results of my work. It motivates me and helps to set the next goals in my professional development. I enjoy learning new things and I strive to further develop my skills and abilities. It is an exercise for my brain to stay prepared for the constant and inevitable changes in the world around us.”

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Fun Facts About Tetiana:
  • Tetiana graduated as a teacher of mathematics and physics, but she has only one student - her daughter.
  • She professionally engaged in swimming and participated in competitions as a teenager. Since then, she does not like to swim in cold water!
  • Tetiana jumped with a parachute from a height of 3000 meters. Resume: the second time jumping is much scarier than the first. So that was her only jump.
  • She loves both hiking in the mountains with a backpack and a tent and travelling around European cities.

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Tetiana’s LinkedIn Profile:


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