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How we can help you...

Run a best-in-class pitch process

We continuously seek feedback from both advertisers and agencies to refine and improve our process.

Negotiate the best possible deal with your preferred agency

Our results speak for themselves, and we are very proud of delivering the best outcome for our clients.

With unrivalled expertise and exceptional client service

We build strong partnerships with our clients, managing projects with transparency and efficiency to deliver on target.

With unbiased media agency intelligence

We use the COMvergence platform for unbiased and detailed media agency intelligence, making the RFI stage redundant.


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Best-in-class media agency pitch management process

Straightforward step-by-step media agency pitch process, developed and fine-tuned through years of international media agency pitch experience.

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Prepare your tailormade and comprehensive RFP

Our Requests For Proposal (RFPs) are highly appreciated by the media agencies and rated as industry leading.

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Sign an industry leading media agency contract

Our proprietary media agency contract template can be used locally, regionally, or globally, and includes all the latest clauses to promote your best interests.

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Recommendation on your best remuneration model

Overview and recommendation of the best remuneration model suitable for your needs.

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PRF scheme

Ensure your Performance Related Fee (PRF) scheme is effective and fair, including both a bonus and malus mechanism.

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Preparation of your baseline

In order to identify the savings potential, you first need to understand what you currently have, which we call the 'baseline'.

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Media agency commitments to drive significant savings

This is included in your new media agency contract, alongside a detailed methodology for measuring whether the agency commitments have been met.

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Transparent benchmarking

To ensure you pay the right price for media and agency remuneration, using our proprietary benchmark database.

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Measurement criteria

Using our proprietary scoring template and methodology, finalised through consultations with your teams.

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Regular communication

We make sure there is no confusion during the pitch process for both the advertiser and the media agencies.

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Recommended agency support

We can recommend a list of agencies to invite, based on your pitch requirements and our knowledge of the media agencies in your market (using the COMvergence database).

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Successful contract negotiations

We conduct contract negotiations for you, leveraging the other agency offers to get you the best deal.

The Pitch Positive Pledge has been designed to enhance the existing pitch process by focusing on behaviours in a bid to improve mental health, cause less wastage and reduce costs.

Abintus has signed this pledge to demonstrate that our pitch process is compliant with it, seeking to make pitching a more positive experience for all those involved.


What results can I expect?

2021 Average reduction on the Cost per FTE: -30%

2021 Average reduction in media prices: -36%

2021 Average increase in cash rebates/AVBs: +29%

Choosing the right media agency is a critical decision. Our strategic and systematic step-by-step agency pitch process helps ensure that we set you up for success. We are thorough and meticulous in our agency pitch process, leaving no stone unturned, covering the entire spectrum from contract, to remuneration, and overall measurement.

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