Holistic Media Auditing

Assess your media performance, identify the blockers and learn the corrective actions for improvement, looking at the performance of your team and your media agency.

"In the past, there was no real transparency or insight into our media performance, and no way to audit properly what our media agency was doing for us across markets. Abintus educated us and made us less dependent on media agencies. I really feel they are part of our team and not an external firm.”

Bob van der Beek
Group Commercial Director



How we can help you...

Assess your current media performance

Giving you the ability to identify high impact quick wins and identify savings potential by combining 8 different audit services into one, which is unique in the marketplace.

Verify media agency compliance

We assess whether your media agency was fully compliant with your contractual terms and conditions.

Evaluate media planning and buying processes

We identify any potential deficiencies from either your media agency or your own team in relation to the media planning and buying process.

Improve with an actionable strategic roadmap

We provide clear, best practice recommendations, with key milestones and estimated timeline, in order to deliver the required improvements.


Full media agency contract review

One hole in your contract could cost you a whole lot of money. We highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your agreement and benchmark your results against our database.

Media agency remuneration audit

We assess whether your agency remuneration is competitive, fair and motivating. We also benchmark your agency fees against our database.

Media transparency audit

Leverage our proprietary media agency rebates database to see how you benchmark against other advertisers in the market.

Media process audit

Ensure that your internal team and your agency are following all the critical steps of the media planning and buying process.

Media agency deliverables audit

We provide a thorough assessment of all your media agency documents and benchmark them against best practices. We also highlight areas for improvement.

Media agency invoices and reconciliation audit

Reconcile your agency invoices against your actual spend on media, remuneration and digital media technical costs.

Media pricing audit

We identify the competitiveness of your media prices using our media pricing benchmarks.

Contract compliance audit

Ensure your media agency has been compliant with the terms and conditions of your contract, and delivered on all their pitch commitments.

A complete strategy for improvement

We provide not only a complete review of your media performance, but also a complete strategy for improvement. All our recommendations are actionable and come with a timetable and key milestones.

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What results can I expect?

Gain complete transparency around media pricing, the quality of media agency work, and accuracy of reporting. On average we identify 31% savings, and 79% of our clients achieve a 10% gain in media performance or more.


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