Welcoming Doris Yu as Data Analyst

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Jun 03, 2024 | Philippe Dominois

Welcoming Doris Yu as Data Analyst

Today, we extend a warm welcome to Doris as the newest member of our team, serving as a Data Analyst.

Embarking from the heart of Taiwan, Doris brings a world-spanning perspective to our data-driven endeavours.

With a passion for exploring new cultures and challenges, she has journeyed across continents, from the bustling streets of Taipei to the dynamic scene of Manchester, soaking up the vibrant energy of diverse locales and gathering insights and expertise along the way.

Armed with a diverse academic background, including a Postgraduate degree in Business Analysis from the University of Manchester and a certified programme in Artificial Intelligence, Doris is marked by a relentless pursuit of business and data analytics, from delving into identifying business constraints to extracting valuable insights from data discrepancies for business growth.

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Furthermore, Doris brings two years of experience as a Web Analyst in the digital media industry, specialising in website analytics, data visualisation, and dashboard creation.

At EssenceMediacom, she conducted meticulous analytic audits to ensure the integrity and accuracy of data collection. These efforts facilitated the monitoring of user interactions and marketing campaign performance, resulting in enhanced outcomes for clients.

Her persistence in pursuing personal growth makes her a valuable addition to Abintus as a Data Analyst. Doris will be responsible for assisting with various aspects of data management and analysis from diverse sources to support Media Tracking projects, as well as collaborating with our team members on analytical strategies.

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