An Abintus Story by Bob van der Beek

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Feb 19, 2021 | Philippe Dominois

An Abintus Story by Bob van der Beek
Bob van der Beek is Group Commercial Director at Stage Entertainment, one of the world’s largest musical producers and theatre operators with presence in the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France and Italy.
He is based at their HQ in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
He is one of our founding clients since February 2019. We have been providing them with valuable benchmarking and since two years, we also took care of their monthly media reporting. We have helped them sharpen the process of how they consolidate and manage their media buying data across markets. Thanks to that, they are now much better equipped to monitor and drive their media agencies’ performance.

Here is his view about working with Abintus.


Video Transcript:

What Abintus enabled us to do, you can summarise it just in one sentence. Now we are actually taking ownership of our own destiny. We are really in the driver seat when it comes to media.

My name is Bob van der Beek, I'm the Group Commercial Director at Stage Entertainment headquarters based in Amsterdam.

Stage Entertainment is one of the largest musical producers and theatre owners in the world. With our shows, we are present across the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands and Italy. We have had almost 10,000 performances across 44 different shows and we welcomed more than 10 million visitors.

Increasingly we have focused on improving our marketing ROI. Of course, there's huge pressure to improve on the efficiency and effectiveness of our media.

Prior to working with Abintus, what we struggled with was a number of challenges. There was not real transparency and insight into the performance of our media. Also, we had a hard time to really audit what our media agency was doing for us across markets.

The reason why we started to partner with Abintus was a very pragmatic approach that they displayed. One the one hand consulting but on the other hand also really hands on then gradually the relationship evolved.

Also what they bring in is they educated us and they made us less dependent on media agencies. And that also gives us much more strength and much more steering in terms of the performance management of our marketing and media.

I really feel they are part of our team and not just being an external consultancy firm. They really teamed up with our local teams in the markets as well as with our global team in HQ.

I would definitely recommend Abintus, especially to companies like ours. As a small size company like we are relatively speaking. We do need a differentiated approach by markets and Abintus very well understand that.

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