An Abintus Story by Armin Haery

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Feb 09, 2021 | Philippe Dominois

An Abintus Story by Armin Haery

Armin Haery is a Marketing Director at the Kao Corporation, a global chemical and cosmetic company, HQ in Tokyo, Japan.

He is responsible for the main consumer brands such as John Frieda, Guhl and Bioré in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). He is based in Darmstadt, Germany. Management of media spend (which is a significant portion of his entire A&P budget) and return on advertising spend (ROAS) is one of the key tasks of Armin’s role.
Armin Haery Headshot and Quote
He is one of our founding clients since December 2019. We started working with Armin at the end of 2019 on one of our key products (Independent Media Review). Following the success of the project, Armin asked us to help Kao Germany in re-negotiation of their media agency contract. He also was a very eager student in our media learning platform – Abintus Academy.

Here is his view about working with Abintus.


Video Transcript:

Abintus definitely delivered the skills and also the knowledge to improve our media skills in-house.

My name is Armin Haery, I'm the responsible Marketing Director for Kao Mass in the DACH region which is Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the brands John Frieda, for Guhl, and also for skincare brand Bioré.

I think the tricky balance with media is nowadays more than ever, that there is a big chunk of in transparency. I think that is the biggest challenge that we have.

Talking to Abintus, I think it was very clear from the very beginning that they really know what they're talking about. They have the experience, they know the media from different angles, from different perspectives.

Media management is such a complex topic, and it's really the little details can make up a very big difference at the end of the day when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness.

I think the first key result in which was very tangible is that they helped us to improve the process from the very beginning. But what I realised is the improving the media management and the results is not only on the agency side, it's also, it starts with us. So it starts with defining the right process, giving the right briefing, asking the right questions and then enable us to guide and steer the agency in the best and most professional way.

Abintus always said, this is something where we recommend that you build the capabilities, that you should be doing this by your own because this is a more long-term and a more sustainable approach.

I would definitely recommend Abintus to other companies and to other brands or other marketeers. Overall, Abintus will help you to make sure that you're always on track and also best-in-class when it comes to media management. This is so many changes going on, changing so rapidly which requires that you have a constant observation of how you're dealing with media and that's why it's absolutely worth to look into this on a continuous base.

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