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Media Auditing Services 2024

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Media Performance Audit icon
Media Performance Audit

A Media Performance Audit involves a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your media investments, metrics, and KPIs. It encompasses a thorough examination of different aspects of media performance, often leveraging proprietary benchmarks or historical data for a more nuanced analysis.

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Financial Media Audit Icon
Financial Media Audit

A Financial Media Audit is an exhaustive scrutiny of all financial transactions connected to your media activities. This includes but is not limited to invoices, contracts, purchase orders, and any other financial documents that pertain to media buying and planning.

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Contract Compliance Audit Icon
Contract Compliance Audit

A Contract Compliance Audit verifies that both the media agency and the advertiser are adhering to the contractual terms and conditions. This audit delves into the details of the contract, ensuring that all obligations, deliverables, and financial terms are being met as agreed upon.

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Agency Commitments Audit Icon
Agency Commitments Audit

An Agency Commitments Audit evaluates whether the media agency has lived up to the commitments or promises made during the pitch process. This audit scrutinises the agency's deliverables, performance metrics, and any other obligations that were agreed upon at the outset of the relationship.

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Media Process Audit Icon
Media Process Audit

A Media Process Audit is a comprehensive assessment of your media planning and buying processes. This audit also examines the quality of the documentation involved, including media briefs, strategies, flowcharts, plans and post-campaign reports, and invoices reconciliation reports.

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Agency Contract Assessment Icon
Agency Contract Assessment

An Agency Contract Assessment is a meticulous evaluation of the contract that governs the relationship between the advertiser and the media agency. This audit assesses whether the contract includes all the elements necessary for a transparent, accountable, and effective partnership.

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Deep Dive Audit Icon
Deep Dive Audit

A Deep-Dive Audit is a in-depth analysis of a specific paid advertising channel, such as TV, Paid Search, or Paid Social Media. Unlike broader audits that cover multiple channels, this audit delves into the finer details and complexities of a single channel to provide detailed insights and recommendations.

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Audit Bundle #1 Icon
Audit Bundle #1

In a marketplace saturated with fragmented audit services, Abintus Consulting stands apart with its Holistic Media Audit. This is not just another audit; it's a comprehensive, all-encompassing evaluation that rolls multiple media audit services into one cohesive package.

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Audit Bundle #2 Icon
Audit Bundle #2

The Independent Media Review serves as a streamlined alternative to our comprehensive Holistic Media Audit. It's particularly well-suited for challenger brands or those with fewer media activities or no media agency commitments to scrutinise.

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Dont know where to start


If you are new to the world of media auditing, fear not!

We would first recommend conducting a Media Agency Contract Assessment.  This service will give you a lot of good insight about your current setup and how it compares against industry best practices.

And the great news.  We now offering this service absolutely FREE through our Abintus App proprietary platform.


Media Auditing Services 2024


We're the only media auditor offering media auditing solutions that adapt to you, not the other way around. 

Our customisable audits are a perfect fit for any advertiser.

Just pick and choose only the auditing services you need, and we will build your own tailor-made media auditing solution.


Media transparency and accountability


Our Financial Media Audit and Contract Compliance Audit help ensure that your media agency partners are transparent in their operations and accountable in their decisions and expenditures.

The combination of these two services address concerns about hidden costs, markups, and the actual placement of ads.




Select our Media Performance Audit and Media Process Audit to scrutinise the cost-effectiveness of your advertising media spends.

It encompasses a thorough analysis of your media investments, metrics and KPIs.

Our recommendations will ensure that you are getting the best possible rates and value for your investments moving forward, addressing concerns about overspending or not optimising budgets.


ornament Tim Paech Pernod Ricard
The exercise was very fruitful and valuable. The insights and savings Abintus have generated helped us improve our media performance moving forward.

Tim Paech
Chief Executive Officer, Pernod Ricard Western Europe



We Cover Most of the Biggest Media Markets in the World

In addition to our in-house solutions delivery team, we have formal agreements with media consultancies across the world to support us in the delivery of our work


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Abintus Co-Founders

We are a fast growing global media consultancy, headquartered in London, with employees working remotely from various markets worldwide.

Abintus was founded in 2018 by Philippe Dominois (formerly an Ebiquity Senior Executive) and Tatjana Slykova (formerly a Publicis Groupe Senior Executive).

Our team is composed of media experts, chartered accountants, data analysts and software engineers.

We're here to help advertisers reduce ad wastage and improve ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) using media transformation services. 

We hope to hear from you soon!

Abintus CoFounders

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Abintus CoFounders
ornament Maik
It was very useful to have a third-party vision on what we are doing and what could be improved. The process was simple and not time consuming from our end, which was very much appreciated.

Maik Brodowski
Head of Marketing, Betway Group


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