Media Performance Audit

Media Auditing

Jan 01, 2022 | Philippe Dominois

Media Performance Audit

A Media Performance Audit involves a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your media investments, metrics, and KPIs. It encompasses a thorough examination of different aspects of media planning, buying, and performance, often leveraging proprietary benchmarks or historical data for a more nuanced analysis.


Challenges Addressed:

  • Poor Campaign Performance: One of the most significant challenges that a Media Performance Audit aims to tackle is the issue of underperforming campaigns. By dissecting various elements of the campaign, the audit identifies areas needing improvement.
  • Low Return on Investment (ROI): Another critical concern for organisations is ensuring that their media investments yield substantial returns. The audit scrutinises the ROI of different media channels and strategies, providing a clear picture of their profitability.
  • Wasteful Media Spend: The audit also targets inefficient or unnecessary expenditures. By evaluating the cost-effectiveness of different media investments, it aids in curbing wasteful spending.

What This Audit Covers:

  • 24 Months Audit of All Media Campaigns (Calendar or Fiscal Year)
  • Cost and Quality Performance vs. Historical Benchmarks
  • Working vs. Non-Working Media Assessment
  • CPA (Cost per Action) Performance vs. Historical Benchmarks
  • AVBs / Cash Rebates Assessment
  • Digital Media Technical Costs Assessment
  • Additional Comments
  • Our Recommendations for Improvement


The Process & Timeline:

  • ONBOARDING (Week 1): Discuss the project and explain the scope of work to both the local client and the local media agency.
  • DATA COLLECTION (Week 2-4): Collect all required existing media documents and detailed media data for all media investments, for both digital and traditional media channels, using our secured cloud content management platform.
  • PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS (Week 5-8): Analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of your media campaigns against historical performance and Abintus benchmarks.
  • INTERVIEWS (Week 9-10): Conduct set of 'context seeking' interviews with the key stakeholders (agency and advertiser separately) and process additional information received following the run of interviews.
  • REPORTING (Week 11-12): Prepare audit report, collect feedback and comments from both the local advertiser and the local media agency + delivery of the final report + presentation of the final report.



  • Enhanced Campaign Effectiveness: Through actionable recommendations, a Media Performance Audit empowers organisations to refine their media strategies. This leads to improved campaign performance and a higher success rate in achieving marketing objectives.
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Media Performance Metrics: The audit provides an in-depth understanding of various performance metrics. This knowledge is crucial for making informed decisions about future media planning and buying.
  • Identification and Elimination of Wasteful Spending: One of the most valuable outcomes of the audit is the identification of areas where spending is not yielding desired results. This insight allows for the reallocation of resources to more productive avenues, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of media investments.


A Media Performance Audit is one of many media auditing services available to advertisers.

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