Abintus to offer advertisers free 'Media Agency Contract Assessment'

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May 30, 2022 | Philippe Dominois

Abintus to offer advertisers free 'Media Agency Contract Assessment'

The global media transformation consultancy, which aims to help advertisers optimise their media performance, is offering this free service to all advertisers worldwide.

Abintus has introduced Abintus Media Agency Contract Assessment (AMACA), a free consulting service developed to help advertisers improve their media agency contracts. This service has been developed through the Abintus App, the company's proprietary online media management platform.

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The assessment can be done in two ways, depending on the advertiser requirements. They can either choose the Expert Assessment or the Self Assessment.

Using the Expert Assessment, advertisers will receive a comprehensive assessment of their media agency contract(s) done by one of the Abintus media experts within 48 hours. The Expert Assessment report includes:

  • A detailed scorecard over 20 points of analysis

  • Benchmarks for each point of analysis

  • Detailed findings and comments highlighting issues with significant or financial implications that require consideration

  • Recommendations for improvements

  • Best practices needed to reach a best-in-class media agency contract

The process is simple and done entirely through the Abintus App. Advertisers can e-sign an NDA for confidentiality and upload their media agency contract(s) directly from the platform.

Suppose advertisers are not comfortable in sharing their media agency contract(s) with Abintus. In that case, the Self Assessment option is available to them. Using this option, advertisers can assess the quality of their media agency contract(s) within minutes without sharing their framework document(s). The Self Assessment report includes:

  • Overall score and rating from 20 points of analysis

  • Overall benchmarks

  • List of best practices included in the contract

  • List of Sections/Clauses/Conditions which require improvement

  • List of missing elements which should be part of a best-in-class media agency contract

The process is equally simple and also done entirely through the Abintus App. Advertisers will need to answer a few questions about their media agency contract(s) characteristics, and they will automatically access their report. The report can then be downloaded in a PDF format.

Philippe Dominois, Co-Founder and CEO of Abintus, who oversees the strategic direction and development of the Abintus App said, "We are now at the dawn of a new era of advertising media consultancy - one that is defined by advertisers' expectations around new media management tools and support, and an industry looking to bring a more personalised experience towards media management consulting."

Any advertiser can register for free to the Abintus App. Please visit www.abintus.app for more details.

The introduction of this offering follows the earlier launch of the Abintus Academy. This online training platform aims to boost advertisers' knowledge and skills about media management best practices.


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Multiple advertisers currently use the Abintus Academy to support their marketing teams worldwide with media management skills for better media performance and improved media agency relationships.

Any advertiser can request a free trial to the Abintus Academy. Please visit www.abintus.academy for more details.

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