FREE TOOL: Media Agency Contract Assessment

Media Agency Contract

May 31, 2023 | Philippe Dominois

FREE TOOL: Media Agency Contract Assessment

In an increasingly globalised and digitised world, the art of advertising has undergone profound changes. It's no longer just about crafting compelling messages, but about managing complex media ecosystems.

As such, a well-defined media agency contract is pivotal in securing maximum value and transparency from your media investment. Recognising the necessity of robust agency contracts, Abintus, a leading global media transformation consultancy, is excited to offer an unprecedented service - a comprehensive, FREE media agency contract review for advertisers across the globe.

This service is part of our unwavering commitment to helping advertisers optimise their media performance and has been thoughtfully developed through the Abintus App, our proprietary online media management platform.

Expert Assessment: A Thorough Evaluation of Your Media Agency Contract

What sets this service apart is the meticulous scrutiny your contract undergoes. Leveraging the Expert Assessment, advertisers are furnished with a comprehensive evaluation of their media agency contract(s), executed by an Abintus media expert within a swift 48-hour timeframe.

The Expert Assessment report offers:

  1. A detailed scorecard encompassing 20 points of analysis.
  2. Benchmarks for each point of analysis.
  3. Detailed findings and comments that draw attention to significant or financial implications requiring consideration.
  4. Recommendations for improvements.
  5. Insights into best practices required to achieve a best-in-class media agency contract.

The entire process is uncomplicated, secure, and can be conveniently carried out via the Abintus App. We take confidentiality seriously; advertisers can e-sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and upload their media agency contract(s) directly on the platform.

Self-Assessment: An Alternate Route

If for any reason, advertisers are not comfortable sharing their media agency contract(s) with Abintus, we have the perfect alternative - the Self-Assessment option. This service allows advertisers to assess their contracts' quality within minutes, without having to share the document(s) with us.

The Self-Assessment report comprises:

  1. Overall score and rating from 20 points of analysis.
  2. General benchmarks.
  3. List of best practices included in the contract.
  4. Indication of sections, clauses, and conditions needing improvement.
  5. Highlighting missing elements that should ideally be part of a best-in-class media agency contract.

This process is just as straightforward, executed entirely through the Abintus App. Advertisers will need to respond to a few questions about their media agency contract(s) and instantly access their report, which can be downloaded in PDF format.

The Perks of a Media Agency Contract Review

The importance of a comprehensive media agency contract review cannot be overstated. It is an invaluable exercise that can help advertisers recognise potential pitfalls and uncover opportunities for value creation in their agency contracts. It lends transparency, strengthens negotiations, ensures compliance with best practices, and aids in achieving favourable contract terms.

What's truly astonishing is that this fantastic service comes to you absolutely free of charge! This aligns with Abintus's ethos of offering accessible, high-quality services that truly add value to global advertisers.

In summary, Abintus’s complimentary media agency contract review is a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to gain an insightful understanding of their contracts. It's a service that paves the way for transparent, efficient, and effective advertising operations, all at no cost! It's high time to reassess your media agency contracts with Abintus and secure the utmost value from your media investments. Embrace the Abintus advantage and transform your media performance today!

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