How to Smartly Deliver Media Savings

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Sep 19, 2020 | Philippe Dominois

How to Smartly Deliver Media Savings

Beware of the quick and simple solutions

Delivering advertising media savings can be a very dangerous exercise. Done badly, and you will do more harm than good to your business. Truly understanding how media is traded is essential here. Otherwise, you could get the illusion of getting savings, where in fact, you are getting cheaper and therefore less effective media.

What you want is getting the most effective media inventory for reaching your media objectives at the most competitive price. In addition, you want full media transparency (more on that later), a fair remuneration for your agency, and a best-in-class media process which will ensure a healthy and successful relationship with your media agency partner(s).

Our approach to media savings has been developed from 20+ years of media auditing and consulting experience with some of the biggest global brands. it is a proven and tested approach which delivers significant media savings if you do not know what media management best practices are. And most brands don't.

But don't worry, we are here to help. Not only we will help you deliver significant media savings without compromising on the effectiveness of your advertising, but we will also educate you along the way.


Stage 1 - Assessment

It is difficult to understand what, where and how savings have been achieved without having a base line. So the first stage of our approach is a full assessment of your current situation. One effective technique for transforming vision into results is to develop and populate an As-Is and To-Be diagram. The To-Be diagram describes the future state; in other words, how the organisation's process, culture and capabilities will appear in the future.

Stage 2 - Education

As reported by Digiday in April 2018, some media agencies have a traffic-light system to determine how knowledgeable the teams at clients are, which in turn helps determine how much margin they can make. More now than ever before, being media savvy and knowing best practices in media management is essential to get the best out of your media agency, and therefore maximise your media performance. Once the Assessment Phase is completed, we will have a clear understanding where you are currently and which areas of the media management process require improvement. We will design a strategy tailormade to your needs in order for you to deliver the required improvements as soon as possible. We will therefore provide training on best-in-class media management techniques required to reach your savings objectives.  The aim is to help you become a best-in-class advertiser in the most cost efficient and most convenient way possible.

Stage 3 - Support

Putting new skills into practice can be a daunting task, especially in an ecosystem of great complexity. That is why, once the Education Phase is completed, we provide support to our clients througout their journey of implementing the required changes needed to deliver the media savings. From experience, once you start implementing a new operating model with your media agencies, there will be some pushback, as their profit margins will be compromised. And they can be quite bullish sometimes. So having us by your side is a reassurance that our clients really appreciate. And as the media ecosystem is constantly evolving, we can provide you with support for the latest trends in effective media management (i.e. in-house media planning and buying). All of this may seem like a difficult challenge, but those advertisers that are beginning to enact these steps are reaping great financial rewards.


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